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Price Action in Forex Trading Course

Get actionable Forex Trading Tips! Best for Forex Trading Beginners who want to move to higher levels in their trading career into professional trading.

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High Probability Trading Course

We offer a high probability forex course with strategies that repeat every week.

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Our instructor has over 6 years of practical market experience. He is very knowledgeable concerning the markets.

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The course has life time access. This means that you can take the course at your own pace.

All Levels

This course is for all levels of learners. Beginners and Intermediate traders can benefit from this forex course.



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About The Price Trader

My story in the Markets started back in 2015 when I first discovered Forex Trading is my passion. 

I was also looking for a source of income that would give me the kind of freedom that Forex Trading brings. This is how I began my trading journey.

Today, I am a Professional Trader specializing in Price Action in Forex and I have decided to share the knowledge I have gathered all these years with you.

About Course

This forex trading course and strategy help you to learn how to forex trade and why the markets move higher or lower. You will learn how to become a successful forex trader.

This is a full forex trading course meaning that you will learn how to get into your charts and formulate setups on your own and potentially profit from them.

Material Includes