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Get up to $300,000 in trading funds today!


  • Profit Split: up to 90%
  • Leverage: 1:100, 1:30 on Swing Accounts.
  • Minimum Trading Days: 4 days
  • Platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader
  • Daily Drawdown Limit: 5%
  • Overall Drawdown Limit: 10%
  • Profit Target: 10% Phase I, 5% Phase II.
  • Fees & Charges: €155 for $10,000 to €1080 for $200,000
  • Refundable Registration Fees: 100%
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Models: Evaluation Phase I & II.
  • Highly Reputable.
  • Up to 90% profit split
  • Multiple Payment Methods Available.
  • Low-Profit Targets 10%.
  • No Instant Funding.
  • 2-step verification process
  • Challenge fee is slightly higher compared to other market leaders.
  • Not appropriate for investing in stocks and derivatives.
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FTMO Prop Firm

ftmo prop firm

FTMO Prop Firm is a program designed to identify and support talented traders by providing them with capital to trade. Here’s a detailed explanation of how it typically works:

  1. Selection Process: Traders interested in joining the FTMO Trading Challenge usually have to start by submitting an application. The application process might involve providing information about your trading experience, strategy, risk management, and more. FTMO is generally looking for traders who can demonstrate a solid understanding of risk management and a consistent trading strategy.
  2. Trading Challenge: Once your application is approved, you’ll typically have to participate in a trading challenge. The challenge usually consists of a predefined time period (e.g., one to two months) during which you need to trade using the platform’s rules and risk management guidelines. You’ll often be given a virtual account with a specific amount of capital (the challenge’s “starting balance”) to trade with.
  3. Profit Target and Risk Management: FTMO sets profit targets that traders need to achieve during the challenge. These targets vary based on the account size you’re aiming for. Additionally, strict risk management rules are usually enforced to prevent traders from taking excessive risks. This includes guidelines on maximum drawdown, position sizing, and more.
  4. Trading Strategy: You’re typically allowed to trade using various strategies, such as day trading, swing trading, or scalping. However, your strategy should adhere to FTMO’s guidelines and risk management rules.
  5. Evaluation and Verification: At the end of the trading challenge period, your performance will be evaluated. If you’ve met the profit target and complied with the risk management rules, you might proceed to the verification stage. Verification often involves repeating the trading process under similar conditions to confirm that your results were not due to luck.
  6. Funding and Profit Split: Successful traders who pass the verification stage are usually offered a funded trading account by FTMO. The funded account allows you to trade with real money. The profit split varies but typically favors the trader, with a significant portion of the profits going to the trader while FTMO retains a smaller percentage as a fee.
  7. Risk and Rules: Traders need to understand that there are risks involved, and not all traders succeed in passing the challenge and verification stages. It’s important to thoroughly understand and adhere to the trading rules set by FTMO to maximize your chances of success.
  8. Continuous Evaluation: Even after receiving the funded account, traders are often subject to ongoing evaluation to ensure they’re still following the rules and maintaining consistent performance.

It’s important to note that FTMO Prop Firm specific terms and conditions, as well as their rules and offerings, might have evolved since my last update. Before participating in any trading challenge or program, I recommend visiting the official FTMO website or contacting their support for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Always conduct thorough research and understand the risks associated with trading before committing your time and resources.

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